Cambridge Heights Subdivision is a low-cost housing located in Malagamot Panacan, Davao City.  It is an affordable housing project with a total land area of 90,700+ sq.m and composed of 550 units with affordable house and lot installment plan. This is near to Palm Ridge Subdivision.

HLURB LTS No: 032738

Cambridge Heights subdivision originally has two modern design of model units: Alexi model house and Dominique model house. The developer added another model house called Marie to cater families who are looking for a 3 bedrooms, 2 Toilet & Bath House.

Alexi (duplex) has few units left, Dominique (single attached) is currently sold out and Marie model house now has available limited inventory . There are re-open units from time to time. If interested in Cambridge Heights project, please contact our number below to be updated.

Cambridge Heights / Terraces offers affordable monthly payment scheme that a family can manage.  It has lot of substantial subdivision features despite the affordability of its price…


✅ Concrete Roads     ✅ Curb and Gutter   ✅ Underground Drainage    Perimeter Fence All Boundaries

✅  Multipurpose Building   ✅ Basketball Court   ✅ Swimming Pool    ✅ Children Playground 

✅ Street Lights and Street Signs


MARIE – 3 Bedrooms, 2 Toilet & Bath   – still available as of June 2021


3 bedrooms – Lot Area: 60 sq.m, Floor Area: 69 sq.m

House and Lot Package P 2.1M
Loanable Amount: P 1,704,000
Equity : P 426k
Processing Fee: P 142,800
Total Cash Out: P 568,800 less Reservation Fee: P 20k
Total Remaining Cash Out: P 548,800.00 (Payable in 48 months) = P 11,433.33

Pag-ibig Estimated Mo. Amort. – @30 yrs to pay= 10,770.44 / mo.

@ 20 yrs = P 12,704.57 / mo.

@10 yrs = P 19,348.58 / mo.

– Marie Model house  has Solar Power and direct power switch from Davao Light.

Marie Floor Plan:


Marie-GetHomePh-Floor-Plan-3-Bedrooms-Cambridge-Heights-Terraces-Affordable-Low-Cost-housing-in-Malagamot-Panacan-Davao-City-Property-1 copy

Marie-GetHomePh-2nd-floor-Floor-Plan-3-Bedrooms-Cambridge-Heights-Terraces-Affordable-Low-Cost-housing-in-Malagamot-Panacan-Davao-City-Property-1 copy

Few House left for the ALEXI model house (Message us immediately, if interested)


ALEXI- Lot Area: 80 sq.m – 90sq.m ; Floor Area: 30 sq.m  – Sold out – message us for a possible re-open units.

Price: P 1,100,000
Downpayment/ Equity: P 220,000 + Processing Fee: P 66,000 + light&water 15,000 (optional)
Total Downpayment/ Equity = P 301,000 ; Less Reservation Fee: P 50,000

Remaining Equity/Downpayment: P 251,000 (payable in 12 mos.)
Monthly for the Equity or Downpayment = P 20,916.67(12 mos to pay)

Remaining Balance/ Estimated Pag-ibig Loanable Amount = P 880,000.00
Estimated Monthly Amortization = P 6,796.44/ month (@6.375% interest, 3 yrs repricing) does not include fire and MRI insurance
Gross Income Required: P 18,561 /month





2 Bedrooms, 1 Toilet & Bath

DOMINIQUE Lot Area: 100 sq.m. (Minimum); Floor Area: 40 sq.m  – SOLD Out!!
Minimum Price: P 1,355,000
Downpayment/ Equity: P 271,00+ Processing Fee: P 67,750.00 + (light&water 15,000 (optional))
Total Downpayment/ Equity = P 353,750

Reservations Fee: P 10,000 ; Remaining Equity: P 343,750 (payable in 24 mos.)
Monthly for the Equity or Downpayment = P 14,322.92 / month

Remaining Balance/ Estimated Pag-ibig Loanable Amount = P 1,084,000
Estimated Monthly Amortization = P 6,851.62/ month (@ 6.5% interest, 3 yrs repricing)
Gross Income Required: P 19,576.05/month








  • 16 X 16 Granite Floor Tile
  • 8 x 8 Tiles for Toilet & Bath
  • 8 x 8 Tiles for Kitchen Counter
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
  • Kitchen Flooring Gravel
  • Flush / Button Type Lavatory
  • Wood Panel Doors for main service
  • Colored Roofing
  • Complete Electrical Accessories and Lightings
  • Hardiflex/Smartboard Exterior Ceiling
  • Painted Exterior Wall
  • Painted Interior Wall (with color option)

Video site update of Cambridge Heights as of June 2018:


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